Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stop... Hey... What's That Sound?

Not much new to report these days... At least nothing I can report, just yet. Lots of work stress. A great 4-day weekend with the best buncha friends a guy could ask for. And a quick listing of some of the audio I've been listening to when I have the time...

Wizard People, Dear Readers
by Brad Neely
The cartoonist/humorist offers up an alternate take on the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by recording, in-character, an alternate audio commentary track which brings out Harry's dark side in a big, big way. A must for fans of the Potter books and clever, potty mouth humor. (Look it up on YouTube for some great samples.)

Catching The Big Fish
by David Lynch
Everyone's favorite abstract filmmaker (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) discusses his work, his life and examines how the practice of transcendental meditation relates to one's ability to create. A wonderful experience.

Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way
by Bruce Campbell
The beloved B-movie actor/writer/director narrates this fully dramatized "audio movie" based on his fictional account of landing a role in a film starring Richard Gere and directed by Mike Nichols. Goofball slapstick and knowing satire.

And The Fantastic Four (Radio Series)
A radio drama from the 1970's about the popular superheroes -- starring a then-unknown Bill Murray as the Human Torch! Interesting, but Bill's the main draw here.

More later, but for now a few quick reviews...


Michael Clayton ***
The Darjeeling Limited ***
D-War/Dragon Wars (Korea) **

DVD/Home Video
House Of Games: Criterion Collection ****
Battle Royale (Japan) ****
12 oz. Mouse: Season One ***1/2
The Spanish Prisoner ***
Trouble In Mind ***
Vengeance Is Mine (Japan) ***
TMNT (2007) ***
Hell Up In Harlem ***
The Hard Way ***
Blue Swallow (Korea) ***
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride **1/2
Don't Come Knocking **1/2
Green Snake (Hong Kong) **1/2
China Girl **1/2
Rampo Noir (Japan) **
Welcome To L.A. *1/2