Thursday, August 27, 2009

Midnight Passage

Sitting in the window
under the cover of night

he fantasizes
about love.

He knows not her face

nor the color of her eyes, her hair...

but he imagines she's there.

He knows she's there somewhere.

She comes to him at the window

and whispers "move over"
as she takes a seat next to him

and leans her body back into his.

Her hair spills across his chest
and he can feel her breathing

as the cool, night air passes over them.

He feels as if he's going to fall
right then and there,
and he wonders
he always feels this way with her.

He realizes why, after a moment.
He's been searching for this, for her,
for this feeling of being needed,
of contentment,
for so many years,
of course
he needs a rest, by now.

"But fear not," he whispers

into her perfectly shaped ear.

"I won't sleep forever
and once I wake up again,

I'll make you happier than you've ever been."

She smiles as their eyes slowly close

in mutual contentment... He knows
once he opens his eyes again
she'll be gone,
into the
taking this wondrous feeling
of being
needed by someone
with her.

He tries not to think about it
and silently looks forward

to their next midnight rendezvous,

sitting in the window

under the cover of night.


meagan_taylor said...

This is lovely- text and photos both.

--mcc said...

Thanks... I'm trying to dig a bit more deeply than usual and become more of the "create from the soul" type, these days. This particular night I was feeling a little wistful, poetic... and thought I'd open up a little more than usual. Again, thank you. :)